Certified Mopar Two Wheel Alignment Service in Los Angeles, CA

When your vehicle’s wheel alignment is crooked, the driver’s ability to drive safely can be compromised. There are times that misaligned wheels will be obvious to some drivers because the vehicle “pulls” to one side or the other or if the steering wheel has a vibration from improper balancing. There are also cases that tires are crooked and the driver won’t even notice. That is why routine tire alignment inspections should be considered as a must-do maintenance service. Front-wheel drive vehicles that do not do much heavy towing can benefit from Two-Wheel Alignment Service because it is most likely that any misalignment has happened with the two front tires.

Signs that you need Two Wheel Alignment Service:
  • You can see uneven tread wear on the front tires
  • You feel a shimmy or vibration in the wheel
  • The vehicle pulls to one side while driving

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Two Wheel Alignment Service Includes

Two Wheel Alignment Service focuses on the alignment of the front wheels. Every Two-Wheel Alignment Service is completed by a certified technician that knows your vehicle inside and out. At Los Angeles Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we have designed our Two Wheel Alignment Service to extend value to our customers.

Two Wheel Alignment Service includes:

  • An inspection of the vehicle’s suspension and steering systems
  • Inspection of tire condition and tire air pressure
  • The vehicle is placed on the alignment rack where alignment angles are checked
  • Corrections to camber, toe, and caster angles are adjusted to manufacturer specifications
  • Test drive to confirm the result

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At Los Angeles Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we have a team of certified technicians ready to provide you with a Two Wheel Alignment Service. If you are due for a Two Wheel Alignment Service, schedule an appointment today to get it done at Los Angeles Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

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