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Shock vs. Strut

Every Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram vehicle has either a strut or shock on each wheel but will never have both. While a shock and a strut do the same job of dampening roadway bumps, they do it in very different ways as struts are a structural component of the steering system that has significant influence of wheel alignment angles given their position mounted to the chassis. However, shocks have a spring and piston that resists movement and absorbs road bumps to keep the vehicle from bouncing as you drive down the road. Shocks and struts do a tough job by absorbing roadway impacts and will eventually start to show signs of wear and tear. If minor signs of wear and tear are left unattended, your vehicle will develop a safety concern with bad shocks or struts that need replacement service.

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Signs that my vehicle needs a Shock & Strut Suspension Service

Worn out shocks or struts will cause problems with steering, handling, and safety. You should never ignore any of the signs of poor suspension performance because fixing the problem is so convenient and easy at Los Angeles Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Here are the symptoms of a suspension system problem requiring a Shock & Strut Suspension Service:

  • Shimmy, shaking, or vibration in the wheel, especially after hitting a bump
  • Suspension bottoms out on bumpy roads, when backing out, or during cornering
  • Body sway in strong winds or nosediving during braking
  • Knocking sound when cornering

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Shock & Strut Suspension Service

The overarching goal of Shock & Strut Suspension Service is to restore your steering and handling to factory specifications. With every Shock & Strut Suspension Service, you’ll get maximum contact between the tires and road to get you optimum stability and responsive handling for the smoothest ride. If you are experiencing any of the signs that your vehicle needs a Shock & Strut Suspension Service, fixing the problem is as easy as contacting Los Angeles Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Our Service Center is located conveniently in the Los Angeles metropolitan area near Huntington Park and Lynwood, California.

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